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Permissions Statement

Nancy Leigh DeMoss and the Revive Our Hearts' True Woman team desire to fan into flame a grassroots, counter-cultural revolution of holy, surrendered women. That is why we want to give you easy access to content that will draw you closer to God and ground you in His truth. We also want you to share this truth with your friends. Together, let's get the word out!

(Thank you for your donations which enable us to produce these resources.)


If you would like permission to use an excerpt from one of Nancy Leigh DeMoss' books:

  1. Determine the publisher of the original work.
  2. Email the publisher requesting permission to copy an excerpt from the book.

    Contact Moody Publishers
    Contact Crossway
    Contact Warner Press
    Contact Revive Our Hearts

  3. Include as many details in your email as possible, such as:

What page numbers of the book do you want to copy?
How many copies do you want to distribute?
Where, how, and to whom would you be distributing these?


You may reproduce and distribute material from Revive Our Hearts' booklets provided that you do not alter the wording or charge a fee. Any exceptions must be approved by Revive Our Hearts. Please be sure to credit the source. Here is an example of an appropriate credit line:

Copyright Revive Our Hearts. Taken from Nancy Leigh DeMoss' Becoming a Woman of Discretion. Used with permission.

Note: Some of the most frequently requested booklet excerpts are available on for you to print and distribute. 

For quantity discounts call 866-842-8381 x2050.

Audio & Video

You may duplicate and distribute audio and video files of True Woman messages as long as you do not charge a fee. Please make a label or print on the CD "Copied with permission from Revive Our Hearts."


Copying DVDs from Revive Our Hearts and Nancy is not permissible. We are happy to offer you a quantity discount. Call 866-842-8381 x2050 for more information.

(We permit and encourage you to show DVDs in group settings.)

Blog posts

Feel free to use blog posts from Just be sure to credit the author and the website. If you feature a blog post on your website, please provide a link back to We have also created web banners for you to post on your website.

Here's an example of an appropriate credit line:

Taken from Kimberly Wagner's blog post "Raising Children of Radical Faith." Used with permission.

Translation Requests

The Revive Our Hearts policy is to work with established evangelical publishers in the translation process. If you are a publisher who is interested in translating an ROH resource, email the publisher of the work requesting permission to translate part or all of the resource.

Contact Moody Publishers
Contact Crossway
Contact Warner Press
Contact Revive Our Hearts