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Articles, Resources, and More . . . Oh My! (08/22/14)

Posted on 08.22.14 by Lindsay Swartz | Twitter: @LindsSwartz
Topics: Impacting your world

Struggling with an Eating Disorder, Joy Can't Die, When Dad Is Dying . . . and more!

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Little Is Big with God in the Mix

Posted on 08.21.14 by Paula Hendricks | Twitter: @PaulaWrites678
Topics: Relationship with God

Ever thought you were "above" a certain task? Ever despised the "little" things (or people)? Yeah, me too. But that just shows I don't have a clue. "Little" is BIG with God in the mix!

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Do Strong Women Have to Roar?

Posted on 08.20.14 by Sharon Parks
Topics: Impacting your world

In a culture that preaches, "Be a woman and roar," I am grateful for women like Leslie who work to bring freedom and joy to the hearts of women.

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10 Things Your Husband Hates

Posted on 08.19.14 by Kimberly Wagner | Twitter: @KimberlyWagner7
Topics: Marriage

Your husband may not tell you this, but there are a few things he hates.

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Navigating the Undefined Relationship

Posted on 08.18.14 by Colleen Chao
Topics: Relationships with Others

Met a great guy? Confused about where the relationship is going? Here's some encouragement for you . . .

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