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Articles, Resources, and More . . . Oh My! (08/01/14)

Posted on 08.01.14 by Lindsay Swartz | Twitter: @LindsSwartz
Topics: Impacting your world

We May Be Worshiping Our Family, God Can Restore Your Lost Years, Should My Middle Schooler Date . . . and more!

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Should You Wait to Have Kids Until You Can Afford Them?

Posted on 07.31.14 by Erin Davis | Twitter: @ErinGraffiti
Topics: With Your Kids

Kids are expensive! But does that mean we should avoid having them? When planning your family, here are four things to consider beyond the balance in your checking account.

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12 Strategies for Singles and Hospitality

Posted on 07.30.14 by Pat Ennis
Topics: Impacting your world, Singleness

As a single woman do you expect to be included on the guest lists of others or do you choose to extend hospitality? Romans 12:13 says believers are to practice hospitality—literally, they are to "pursue the love of strangers"—not simply offer hospitality to their friends.

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Barely Standing in Places of Pain

Posted on 07.29.14 by Kim Jaggers | Twitter: @Kim_Jaggers
Topics: When Life's Hard

I sometimes have to drive very near the place where he killed himself. Seventeen years have passed. Life has moved on, and I have had many happy days . . . but something about this place transport every emotion back to that gut-wrenching time.

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Life Is Not About Our Rights

Posted on 07.28.14 by Dawn Wilson | Twitter: @HeartChoices
Topics: When Life's Hard

We have many blessings because of our identity with Christ, but let's not miss the main point: Our spiritual blessings are given to us so we will point back to the Lord with unending praise.

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