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Does Darkness or Light Cover Your Sins?

Posted on 11.26.14 by Kimberly Wagner | Twitter: @KimberlyWagner7
Topics: Relationship with God

I would hate for you to see a video of some of my worst moments. We try to cover up and hide those worst moments; we don't want anyone to see them. If we keep them covered, we don't have to deal with their gruesome reality. But every now and then, God just graciously rips the covers right off our hidden sin and exposes it for everyone to see.

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Will You Pass the Insecurity, Please?

Posted on 11.25.14 by Erin Davis | Twitter: @ErinGraffiti

As the men move into the living room to catch the football game this Thanksgiving, the women will fall into a familiar pattern. We will bemoan all of the food we just ate. We'll promise to diet in earnest in the new year. We'll joke that we removed the calories from the pumpkin pie. But inside no one will be laughing. Because in my family . . . beauty can be one ugly subject.

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Four Reminders for Holiday Hospitality

Posted on 11.24.14 by Elisha Galotti | Twitter: @ElishaGalotti
Topics: Womanhood

Are there times in your life when showing hospitality feels more like a duty than a delight? Here are four reminders to cultivate joy in the hostess's heart.

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Articles, Resources, and More . . . Oh My! (11/21/14)

Posted on 11.21.14 by Lindsay Swartz | Twitter: @LindsSwartz
Topics: Impacting your world

12 Struggles Singles Face, Boys Protect Classmate, Stand in the Gap . . . and more!

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15 Ways to Please Your Husband

Posted on 11.20.14 by Barbara Rainey
Topics: Marriage

Barbara Rainey coaches wives on some practical tips to edify your husband and to strengthen your marriage.

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