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Articles, Resources, and More . . . Oh My! (04/18/14)

Posted on 04.18.14 by Lindsay Swartz | Twitter: @LindsSwartz
Topics: Impacting your world

Three Lessons for Jesus’ Valley, Sunday’s a Comin’, Help! My Kids are Looking at Porn, and More.

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News That's Better Than "You Don't Have Cancer!"

Posted on 04.17.14 by Kimberly Wagner | Twitter: @KimberlyWagner7
Topics: When Life's Hard

If the news about my biopsy had been different, if it had been cancer, if it had been a life-threatening report . . . would I have reacted differently?

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The Best Marriage I Never Wanted

Posted on 04.16.14 by Kelly Needham | Twitter: @kellyneedham
Topics: Marriage

I married a humble, godly, romantic man at twenty years old. Every girls' dream, right? Yet, exactly two weeks into marriage, I wrote this in my journal: "Why am I so unhappy? So scared and confused?" Surprised? I was, too. Getting married was more than I could have asked for, for none of the reasons I expected.

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The Greatest Ministry Flows from Brokenness

Posted on 04.15.14 by Colleen Chao
Topics: When Life's Hard

At age 37 I'm finally beginning to understand that my greatest ministries have not come out of my greatest strengths, gifts, or wisdom. Instead, they've come out of my greatest weaknesses: the things that humble me to my core, seem foolish to the world, are easily misunderstood by others, and push me past my limits.

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When You're Tired of Coming Up Short

Posted on 04.14.14 by Hannah Lannigan
Topics: When Life's Hard

Do you ever feel like you're continuously coming up short? Dishes in the sink. Mountains of laundry growing by the day. Bathrooms that need to be cleaned . . . again. DIY Pinterest projects aren't turning out perfectly. Should have said this. Should have done that. Recently, I had one of those days.

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