True Woman Sighting: Chattanooga, Tennessee

Mindy Kroesche

Mindy Kroesche | 01.08.10


The apostle Paul knew that prayer was a vital part of our relationship with God, so much so that he told us to "pray without ceasing" (1 Thess. 5:16–17). And Covenant Keypersthere's a group in Chattanooga that takes that command very seriously—and is following it in preparation for the True Woman conference in the spring.

Covenant Keypers in Chattanooga is a marriage ministry dedicated to working alongside the local church to help decrease the divorce rate among Christians. But the ministry also has a strong outreach to women, where they support and counsel women before marriage, during, and after.

They are so excited about how God will work through True Woman '10 that they've organized a 24-hour prayer circle that began at the end of October and will continue until the conference on March 25–27.

Rosalyn Hickman, the founder and director of Covenant Keypers along with her husband, has a passion for seeing women live out Titus 2 principles. She says the True Woman Chattanooga conference is more than important to their city—it's critical. "Women of the church, women in America, women all over the world have literally gone wild!" she said. "The time is now, and the women of God must join the movement of God and unite our efforts."

Rosalyn had tried to get Nancy to come and speak in Chattanooga several times, but it never worked out. Then when she heard on the radio that True Woman was coming to her city, she was in tears. "I called the 800-number and asked, ‘Did they really say that True Woman was coming to Chattanooga?' It's the will of God that Nancy is coming—to turn things around in such a time as this."

"I hope to see a real change in God's people," she said "to live as true women of God. Specifically, I hope to see women of the community come together, black and white and Hispanic, and teach those characteristics of being a woman of God."

Covenant Keypers had already encouraged their members to pray for True Woman, whether in small groups or on their own. Then they decided to organize the 24-hour prayer circle, where the 33 members of their promotional team each took a slot at the top of the hour where they committed to pray specifically for the conference. And even though the circle is small, they encourage the ladies to extend it in their churches, in their workplaces with their Christian co-workers, and even over lunch with friends.

They're praying that all women of God would come together and hear from Him on that day, that the trade center would be beautiful like heaven, and that each woman who attends would be reminded of what she's to be doing and then be ready to go out and do it.

Rosalyn and the Covenant Keypers' excitement for the True Woman movement is so great that they've also committed to helping promote the conference to get as many women there as possible. In addition to running a radio spot with a local counselor, they hosted a True Woman Christmas party, where they're gave away two free registrations to the conference. Plus, they'll be giving away two more registrations on the local Moody radio station as well as putting up a billboard inviting people to come.

But no matter how many women attend, Rosalyn's hope is that what happens in their lives at the conference will continue long after the True Woman team leaves.

"It's going to be a wonderful day in Chattanooga," she said. "This city won't be the same."


  1. That's a real blessing, Mindy! Thank you for sharing this. I know prayer is powerful and am touched to see Covenant Keypers' zeal for our Lord in praying for the Chattanooga conference. I know ROH bathes these events in prayer, but how precious to see that local women are doing the same -- and that a group of people still have the persistence to pray 24/7 (taking turns), round the clock, like I used to hear of, years ago! May the will of the Lord be done in Chattanooga; may Christ be glorified in the lives of many; may our Lord abundantly pour out His grace and blessings at True Woman in Chattanooga! Ps. 105:1-4
    In His love,
    posted by Leslie S.
    on Friday, January 8, 2010 at 8:14 am
  2. This has touched my heart. I believe in prayer and believe that it is a specific power we have been given in our Christian life to fulfill the works which we are called to do and the heart in which to do them. Perseverence in our Christian life takes time, prayer is a big part and I thank these women who have given of their time and their hearts so that others will be fulfilled while attending the True Women Conference.
    Glory to our Lord and Savior, all glory to Him in the fullest.
    posted by Julie G.
    on Friday, January 8, 2010 at 11:15 am
  3. I am looking forward to the Chattanooga conference with great HOPE and excitement. We desperately need revival in this part of the world. There are so many being decieved by lies and false teachings and complacency is rampant. I was at that Christmas dinner that Covenant Keypers held and our church won a ticket which we were able to give to a new member of our ladies Bible study group. It was such a blessing and these ladies, especially Rosalyn, are such a blessing and it is so refreshing to see women on fire for God in our community!! The Lord will hear the prayers of the righteous.........
    posted by Barbara
    on Saturday, January 9, 2010 at 1:13 pm
  4. Yes, the women of Chattanooga are praying. But did you catch, not just for Nancy and the conference, but that women hearts will be changed and this will not be "just another conference" that comes through, BUT it would leave an impact on the lives of our mothers, sisters and daugthers that JESUS IS THE CHRIST and that he cares about purity. It can happen. It only takes a spark, (as the song go) That's how it is with God's love!!!! Praise God for Nancy, Rosalyn and all the women that are praying for a bibilical change in Chattanooga.
    posted by brenda jones
    on Monday, January 11, 2010 at 9:40 am

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